Whether you’re an administrative or executive assistant, you undoubtedly want to stand out from your peers and earn the recognition of being the “best in the business.” After all, the better you do your job, the more chances you will have for promotion and higher pay. To help you reach your professional goals, follow these top […]

So, you’ve finished all your administrative assistant training, you’ve landed your first job, and you’re ready to make a great impression in your new career. In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to just do your job well, you really need to shine. To ensure the best pay and the possibility of advancement, you […]

In truth, administrative assistants are behind the success of most offices. They keep things organized, ensure everyone gets to their appointments on time, and make all clients feel welcome. If you’re already working in this field, you know the job is very rewarding and that it takes some definite skills to juggle so many tasks. […]

Today’s modern administrative assistants are responsible for many more tech-related responsibilities as compared to secretaries from a few decades ago. A profession that was once ruled by pen and paper (or typewriter) is now dominated by computers, the internet, and a variety of associated gadgets. More and more employers are looking to hire tech-savvy assistants […]

Working as a medical administrative assistant is different than working in an ordinary business office, and consequently requires some extra skills. Although no specific training or education is required for this job, most medical offices prefer their administrative assistants to have some type of degree or certificate.   Managers expect their medical administrative assistants to have knowledge […]

The Medical Administrative Assistant Salaryis sometimes a little higher than it is for ordinary administrative assistants because the work usually requires extra education and is more technical in nature. Medical administrative assistants must have knowledge of medical terminology and know how to do things such as handle medical records, file insurance forms, and arrange hospital stays […]

While all administrative assistants perform similar type work, a medical administrative assistant job description is somewhat different. Not only are they expected to have basic office and secretarial skills, but they also need to have some knowledge of the medical field. As a medical administrative assistant you can expect to perform three major types of duties:   Clerical Work This type […]

If you’ve already finished your administrative assistant training and are ready to begin job hunting, you are undoubtedly nervous about the prospect of sitting for an interview. This is a natural fear, but with a little preparation you can feel much more confident about yourself and what you plan to say. Before going to any interview, have […]