A fast trending topic of discussion on the internet these days is about Visual CVs. They are still far from being mainstream but are now proving to be an innovative new way for designers and creative personnel to offer their CVs. What are Visual CVs? In the earlier days before there were so many blogs […]

Sadly, even after 4 or 5 years of study, many varsity business scholars graduate without a full grasp of all the roles and careers open to them. Not only will a qualification in business prepare one for roles in a related industry, but the core basic elements of the degree course, including management, human resources, […]

With the onset of the New Year it is time to give wings to your long pending plans and act in a direction which would lead you to higher level of career success. The passing year must have taught you a lot of lessons when it comes to making vital career decisions. Not only you […]

In general, the executive assistants devote their career for helping out higher officials in government organizations/private organizations for which they apply. They do this work by providing a combination of professional and administrative support to their higher official. Even though, it is true that the responsibilities of candidates appointed for Executive Assistant position will vary […]

Whether you’re an administrative or executive assistant, you undoubtedly want to stand out from your peers and earn the recognition of being the “best in the business.” After all, the better you do your job, the more chances you will have for promotion and higher pay. To help you reach your professional goals, follow these top […]

So, you’ve finished all your administrative assistant training, you’ve landed your first job, and you’re ready to make a great impression in your new career. In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to just do your job well, you really need to shine. To ensure the best pay and the possibility of advancement, you […]

In truth, administrative assistants are behind the success of most offices. They keep things organized, ensure everyone gets to their appointments on time, and make all clients feel welcome. If you’re already working in this field, you know the job is very rewarding and that it takes some definite skills to juggle so many tasks. […]

Today’s modern administrative assistants are responsible for many more tech-related responsibilities as compared to secretaries from a few decades ago. A profession that was once ruled by pen and paper (or typewriter) is now dominated by computers, the internet, and a variety of associated gadgets. More and more employers are looking to hire tech-savvy assistants […]